My 145

At the end of every year everyone shuffle around trying to gather the ingredients for the NEW YEARS RESOLUTION. I figure if anyone is so adamant about a change in life, you won’t want to waste another moment and would want to start right away.

Here I am 48 years old. And finally decided to get back my happy. Now don’t get me wrong I have a lot of happiness in my life right now. GOD has blessed me with the most amazing husband in the world and a extremely exciting career. I belong to an amazing church. I am truly loving life! But I still feel a little incomplete. I feel that the only thing left to complete me is my 145. Someone reading this may think…..Dose someone owe you money??

Did someone steal $145.00 from you? Did you loose $145.00??

Well the answer is No, No, No!

My 145 is my weight goal. DON’T LOOK LIKE THAT!!!! 👀 YES !! I want to cash in this 245 pounds and exchange it for 145 pounds.

And there is not a better time to start than to start right now!!!!!! Not the new year but right now!!!! Even though we are three days away from hugging 2018………NOW IS THE TIME!!!!

So I am going to blog my way through this entire weight loss goal and I will show pictures of myself as well as every meal I consume.

I will also log in about my gym time and each machine I use and the length of time I use it.

I choose to blog about this and share this cause It not only helps me on my journey but if someone come across this and read it, this could very well help someone else. Everyone body is not the same. Everything that work for one may not necessarily work for the other. But you will never know unless you attempt to try.

Start the new year before it starts you.

Self motivate before you search for outside motivation. Don’t wait for a new year to change yourself or reach your goal. Start as soon as the idea becomes clear. Reach for it before it fester away.

And the most important thing is……..DONT LET ANYONE OR ANYTHING RUIN YOUR GOALS!!!


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